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Adobe Flash Plug-in

The AHWLA website makes use of video material to better illustrate points referenced in its tutorials.

The video material is in Adobe Flash format and will start playing automatically. To play the Adobe Flash video files in your browser you will need to have the Flash Plug-in installed on your computer.

Plug-ins add functionality, in this case, video, to the basic web browser software on your computer. Plug-ins are free, you just have to download them.

If you can clearly view the clock below, you already have the Flash Plug-in installed on your computer.

If you are wondering which clock I am talking about then please download the player using the link below.

Click to download
Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Reader

This site provides links to PDF documents hosted on external sites.

Adobe Reader is free software from Adobe that allows users to easily view, print, and search PDF files using a variety of platforms and devices.

To get Adobe Reader, click on the icon below and you'll be taken to the Adobe website.

Click to download Adobe Reader

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